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FIT Alora Process-less Ctp Plate

Product Description


Fit Alora eliminate the need of a processor, ongoing chemistry purchases, maintenance cost as well as eliminating waste disposal costs. It requires no gumming developing process providing further saving. Excellent image contrast for easy visual insepction.No change will take place between imaging and printing, increasing efficiency profitability and productivity.


Product parameters

Type                               Negative thermal process-less Plate

Suitable for                     Commercial, Newspaper

Substrate                        High quality grained and anodized aluminum

Maximum width              1030mm

Spectral Sensitivity         830nm

Exposure energy            130-150mj/cm2

Resolution                       AM 1-99%@200lpi / 20 micron stochastic

Run Length                     Up to 100,000 impressions

                                        Baking is not recommend, UV inks is recommend

                                           *Run length depends on processing and printing quality control and conditions

Safe light                         2 hours under white light (Safelight limits @ 400Lux)

Shelf life                          12 months when stored away from excessive cold, heat and


Storage condidtion          Store plates flat in their packaging, away from excessive cold,

                                         heat or high humidiy at 5℃~30℃, with RH between 40~80%