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Primus Plus Positive Thermal CTP Plate

Product Description

Primus Plus, the upgraded thermal CTP Plates based on the original FIT technology with balanced press performance, resolution, latitude, and productiation.

Your first choice for high quality, long run-length printing requirements!

Product parameters



Thermal positive CTP Plate

Suitable for:

Commercial, Newspaper and Packaging Printing


High quality grained and anodized aluminum
Maximum width: 1480mm

Spectral sensitivity:

830 nm

Exposure energy:

Resolution: 1-99%@450 lpi

Run length*:

250,000 unbaked, 1,000,000 impressions when post-baked

*Run length depends on processing and printing quality control and conditions.

UV ink compatibility: Applicable with UV inks when post-baked

Shelf life:

18 months when stored away from excessive cold, heat and humidity

Storage conditions:

Store plates flat in their packaging, away from excessive cold,

heat or high humidity at 5℃~40℃, with RH between 40~80%

Post-baking recommendation :  230 ~ 250 ℃ , 5 ~ 8 minutes