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FIT eCO Process-less CtP Plate

Product Description


As an international corporate citizen, we are conscious of the direct and indirect environmental impact of our decisions especially in our manufacturing and R&D business units. We understand the need to take responsibility directly, that is why we recycle water, chemistry and gasses throughout our manufacturing process and utilizing bio-degradable materials wherever possible to ensure we protect our employees health and safety as well as safeguard our environment. 

Our latest technology, FIT eCO thermal plates are a true process-less thermal plate technology, eliminating the need for chemistry and or additional equipment removing further energy requirements whilst maintaining optimum printing results to our valued customers world wide and protecting the environment.

Finally, we are proud to highlight that Xingraphics is ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System certified.

Product parameters


Type:  Thermal Negative Processless Plate
Suitable for:  Commercial 
Substrate: High quality grained and anodized aluminum
Maximum width: 1050mm
Spectral sensitivity: 830 nm
Resolution: AM 1-99% @ 200 lpi / 20 micron stochastic 
Run Length: Up to 15,000 impressions (Subject to press conditions)
Start up:

Pre-dampening required

Roll up:  <15 impressions
Shelf life: 18 months when stored away from excessive cold, heat and humidity
Storage conditions: Store plates flat in their packaging, away from excessive cold,heat or high humidity at 5℃~30℃, with RH between 40~80%